I perused a dating site today (for research) and it asked a series of questions. One of which was, what are you most proud of?

Apart from the kids; and let’s face it giving birth is not much of an achievement, millions of women do it, as for bringing them up, well, they are more or less feral so any achievements and pride therein are theirs alone. I’m not sure I can claim credit there. I couldn’t think of anything! How sad is that?

There have been achievements don’t get me wrong, but NOTHING recent!

I must DO something noteworthy

Published by Pottymouth

The 'me' on the outside does not match the 'me' on the inside. Inside 'me' is screaming to be let loose on the general public with her foul mouth and misbehaviour. Outside 'me' finds it increasingly difficult to quash her.

4 thoughts on “Pride

  1. I understand this feeling…people are all like “mothering is the most important job” bla bla bla but everyone does it and most do it best their way and…it’s not that it doesn’t count. But sometimes we want to do something noteworthy besides mothering. 🙂


  2. I ask myself this question a few times every day as part of my check ins. My accomplishments aren’t big things but once I started noticing them, they brought me joy and satisfaction. Today I’m proud of myself for doing yoga, going for a run and remembering to let the dog back in 🙂 Start small, the big things will come ❤

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